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    Benjamin Zack, Featured Reporter


    I began taking photos as a kid in the forests of North Idaho and Eastern Washington. I spent a lot of time in the woods growing up. While out hiking, it was common for my dad, who is a forester, to take long breaks to examine a unique plant or the marks of an old fire. I do the same thing now, but as a kid, these pauses in the hike bored me to no end. At some point, I began playing with a camera as a way to keep myself entertained when we weren’t moving. From that moment on, my interest in photography grew.

    Photojournalism transitioned from a hobby to a career after years of working various jobs around the country. I enjoy this work because I get to keep learning and trying new things all the time. On every assignments, I’m striving to make photos and tell stories that will help viewers relate to the events unfolding, and be encouraged to learn more about the world around them.






    Kids from around Utah enter the rodeo grounds before the final night of the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo at Pioneer Stadium on Wednesday, July, 24, 2013


    I shot this photo on the main night of the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo. There is so much going on at the rodeo besides the high action moments, and I was looking for something to go along with usual bull riding photo. Before the rodeo started, I was "back stage" photographing some of the riders when one of the organizers walked by with several kids who had just finished the mutton busting. I walked with the kids for a minute or two, taking several photos. I caught this image just as they were entering the arena and passing through a cloud of dust and firework smoke during the opening ceremonies.


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